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Sálim Ali Foundation
The Nest, KARA 81
Kanimangalam, Thrissur 680027, India

Dr. V. S. Vijayan
Ref.300/FR/2018 04 September 2018
An appeal for funds for flood relief work in Vellangallur Panchayat
This is an open letter to all well-wishers of the Sálim Ali Foundation (SAF) for our flood relief
activities in the panchayat where we have been trying to make a model of Sustainable
Development in the country.
Dear friends, the flood has created havoc in the Vellangallur Panchayat as most other parts
of the State. As we could not extend much help to the entire State, we thought it would be
prudent to confine ourselves to the panchayat where we have been working for the last four
years, demonstrating how development can be achieved without destroying the wetlands,
paddy lands, forests, mangroves and the environment. We had around 3000 people directly
affected, who had to be moved to eight relief camps. Many had moved to the houses of their
friends and relatives. Some of them had lost their houses fully while some partially but their
agricultural activities have been completely washed off, especially the paddy lands.
We gave some support to the relief camps with our limited resources. Now the need of the
hour is to help the farmers to restart cultivation of paddy, vegetables and fruits. These would
require a huge sum. From our experience we found that for 1 ha of paddy cultivation it would
require around Rs. 1 lakh. This includes field preparation, sowing, transplantation, removal of
weeds, organic manure and pest control measures and, harvesting. We had been planning to
cultivate 50 ha of land this year. As it would require Rs 50 lakhs, it may not be possible.
Therefore, our target has been fixed at 20 ha for the current year. It would require Rs. 20
lakhs. Government funds are also expected but we are quite unsure how much amount will
be available for agriculture due to other relief works.
In this context we thought it would be prudent to take up only 20 ha belonging to farmers
who had been working with us in a fully organic manner. Please note that we would be
cultivating only traditional varieties, namely Kuruva and Raktasaali.
We would greatly appreciate if you could help SAF as much as possible. Kindly note that we
have 80G exemption from Income tax department and, as such the donor would get income
tax exemption for 50% of the total amount donated to SAF. We will be sending a receipt for
the amount received, keeping all these accounts separately, get audited and send a copy to
all the donors.
We are aware that most of you would have already made your donation to the Chief
Minister’s Relief Fund. We are not quite sure how much of that would come for agricultural
activities. Usually priorities would go for civil works such as reconstruction of bridges, roads,
schools and houses. The difference is that money contributed to Sálim Ali Foundation will go
directly for Organic Cultivation of vegetables and paddy.
Sálim Ali Foundation’s Account details are: Sálim Ali Foundation, State Bank of India,
Thrissur; A/C No: 30068729747; IFSC: SBIN0000940; 80G: AAGTS4074E/09/16-17/T0058/80G.
Please note that since the paddy cultivation has to be started at least from the middle of this
month, kindly make your donation at the earliest. Since the financial backbone of the farmers
had been wrecked by the flood disaster, they have to be given advance for the cultivation.
We offer our esteemed donors rice adequate for a year for their family at discounted rate.
Last year Kuruva rice was sold at a rate of Rs 85/kg. This could be supplied to you
at the rate of Rs 70/kg.
Soliciting your early positive response.
With kind regards
Dr. V. S. Vijayan
Chairman, Sálim Ali Foundation
Former Chairman, Kerala State Biodiversity Board
Founder Director: Sálim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore (a
Centre of Excellence of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India)
Note: When you send the donation or if you have any other doubt, please intimate us by email to

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